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Twirl Assistance Program

Twirl Assistance Program

Apply for Assistance (closed in May, stay tuned!)

TAP is our emergency aid effort to support LGBTQ adults in need.

Last year, Twirl to the World took a giant leap forward with the creation of the Twirl Assistance Program. TAP’s emergency hardship grants are available to LGBTQ adults in the Charlotte metropolitan region* who need assistance with mental health services, food, medical care, pet care or transportation. TAP has been the focus of our fundraising for two years now. Individuals can request TAP assistance directly (using the application on our website) or through one of our partner agencies. These groups include Winter Awakening, Transcend Charlotte, RAIN, Smart Start of Mecklenburg County, and Crisis Assistance Ministry.

(*The Charlotte metro area is officially defined as follows: Cabarrus, Gaston, Iredell, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Rowan and Union Counties in NC, and Chester, Lancaster and York Counties in SC.)

Our TAP Partners

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The FAQs of TAP

Expand each section below to learn more about TAP, our short-term, emergency assistance program that provides financial support, health services and basic goods for LGBTQ adults in the Charlotte metropolitan area. If you need assistance and meet the demographic requirements, apply for a TAP grant through the application on our website.


The current grant is intended for self-identified Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer (LGBTQ) residents 18 years and older in the Charlotte metropolitan area*, who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and need financial assistance with groceries, medical, and/or transportation costs. Eligible individuals may apply once during this grant period, and all submissions will be considered based on eligibility, need, an objective selection process, and availability of funds. * The official Charlotte metropolitan area includes the Charlotte–Concord–Gastonia Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which includes Cabarrus, Gaston, Iredell, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Rowan, and Union counties in North Carolina; Chester, Lancaster and York counties in South Carolina.

Current Focus2021-10-26T04:10:14+00:00

We currently have three areas of focus:

  • Direct Assistance (to individual applicants due to COVID-19)
  • Partner Referrals (from therapists and local partner agencies)
  • Mental Health & Wellness (to include individual therapy sessions)
Guidelines and Confidentiality2021-10-03T04:42:41+00:00

Per federal regulations, we will follow all governing guidelines (see Federal Guidelines listed below or in IRS Publication 3833: Disaster Relief – Providing Assistance Through Charitable Organizations)

  • All applicant information received and documentation submitted will be kept confidential.
  • Permission will be obtained from individual applicant(s) before sharing any information (example, to request other additional services or referrals with partner agencies).
  • Any reporting requested or required by donors or regulators will follow Federal Guidelines (example, individual recipient names will not be shared).
TAP Grant Period Timeline2021-10-26T04:11:17+00:00
  • Twirl Assistance Program (TAP) is now a year-round hardship grant program
  • Applications will be reviewed and decisioned monthly
Application Form2022-05-05T13:21:19+00:00

Access the application online from your phone, tablet, or desktop/laptop (recommended):

Application Form (closed in May, stay tuned)

Reminder: Eligible individuals may apply once during this grant period.

Note: The form itself is dynamic, meaning additional fields will appear based on your selections. Complete all requests for information accurately and honestly, to the best of your knowledge.

Apply for TAP (closed in May, stay tuned!)
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